Our story

Audace au Féminin was created in 2018. Indeed, following the great success of the 1st Salon International de la Femme Noire which took place on June 9, 2018, a finding was obvious. Black Women needed more than an annual event, but permanent support so that they could have information, tools for their personal and professional aspirations. Audace au Féminin, its volunteers who are dedicated to the emancipation and social and economic empowerment of Black Women.

Our mission

Audace au Feminin is a non-profit organization based in Montreal. Audace au Feminine offers solutions against to systemic racism and the invisibility of Black Women in an inclusive and egalitarian approach. Through many constant reflections and its achievements,Audace au Feminin wants to contribute to the emancipation and social and economic empowerment of Black Women in order to equip them so that they can develop their intentional leadership and excellence in the fields in which they are wants to evolve. Audace au Féminin is an inclusive feminine movement that aims to highlight Black Women who shine in the shadows.


Our desire is to facilitate sharing, meetings, discussions, community engagement. Numerous studies have shown that a multi-cultural population is important for the benefit of societies and national economies. Audace au Féminin wants to raise the awareness of authorities and socio-economic actors on the importance of integrating women born out of diversity into Canada’s social fabric.

Our vision

Equality for all and for all will go through the Black Woman

Our values

Our team

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